What's Telehealth? 

Telehealth is a valuable tool we use to keep patients safe especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A telehealth visit will connect you with a physical therapist virtually in your home saving you time and without compromising your care.


Common Questions about Telehealth:

Q: What type of conditions can be treated with telehealth physical therapy?

A: Low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, pelvic floor pain or incontinence, poor balance, and hip pain--basically, any condition can be treated through telehealth.

Q: Will my insurance cover telehealth?

A: Many insurances such as Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield cover telehealth. Our office manager can help assist you with your specific billing questions.

Q: Can my physical therapist adequately assess my condition virtually?

A: During a telehealth visit, your physical therapist can conduct functional movement screenings that are just as effective as in person assessments. In addition, your physical therapist has the benefit of watching you move in your home, which can provide valuable insight into repetitive movement patterns that contribute to your condition and to pain. Also, a tour of your home may help the physical therapist identify safety issues such as throw rugs, exposed chords, sharp corners, and unsafe bathrooms. Furthermore, your physical therapist can assist you with making proper adjustments to those areas as well as at your desk and workspace, which are often contributing to low back pain, neck pain, and painful shoulders.

Q: Can my physical therapist provide me with the right exercise for my condition through telehealth?

A: A telehealth visit can provide a home exercise program that is designed to work not only for your movement dysfunction, but it is also designed to work with the equipment you already have in your home. Research also shows that telehealth patients are more likely to follow through with their home exercise program. And, patients who are consistent with their home exercise program experience faster resolution of symptoms and pain and lasting results.

Q: Can my physical therapist really help me improve my balance and strength with telehealth visits?

A: For older adults, good balance is critical to prevent falls and injuries. We recommend that you have a family member or friend nearby during your telehealth visits if you are at serious risk of falls. However, not only can your physical therapist provide you with a home exercise program that can be safely and easily implemented in your home to improve strength and balance, telehealth is an ideal way for your physical therapist to assess your home for fall hazards and make suggestions for equipment that will keep you safe in the home.

If you have more questions about telehealth or scheduling a visit, please call our front desk at (415) 626-1929