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"Elizabeth Scarpelli has improved my health significantly. She has treated both my husband and I at different times over the last 15 years. We have referred her to many friends who have in turn seen her and been happy. When we speak with doctors and specialists in San Francisco, they all recognize her name and express the highest respect. Liz' warmth and humor are pretty healing, too! "
Jun 14, 2020
"After having treatment from another facility where I saw multiple therapists, I found Liz Scarpelli! Hands down the best therapist I have seen and only 3 sessions I feel better already from a bulging disc. She gave me hope, exercises and support knowing this problem will get better! So grateful I found her!"
Jun 07, 2020
"Kate Allen and Liz Scarpelli are fantastic physical therapists. I was referred to their clinic after shoulder surgery by Dr. Lesley Anderson. I've had wonderful care and a terrific outcome. Thank you!"
Mar 25, 2019
"Hats off to the team at Scarpelli! I came in with severe spinal stenosis which resulted in daily pain in my left shoulder and arm. Through my work with Chris and Liz, I learned how to care for myself and beat this thing by doing the right sets of exercise and changing my body movement habits. I'm no longer experiencing any of that pain and wanted them and everybody else to know what I consider to be a miracle.. 5 Stars +++"
Dec 04, 2018
"Many years ago, like 20 years ago, I was referred to Liz by my neurosurgeon. One of my spinal discs had ruptured and I wanted to see if I could avoid surgery. After having several sessions with Liz she told me that since I hadn’t improved I should have the surgery. She is honest and ethical! I did see her after the surgery and she helped me enormously."
May 23, 2018
"Great practice"
May 18, 2017
"How great is Liz? Let me tell you. Over 14 years ago, Liz treated me related to neck issues caused by an auto accident. After that, Liz helped my with lower back problems (related to surgery over 30 years ago and some not-so-bright activity on my part). Liz got me out of pain; then gave me exercises and stretches to keep out of trouble. I had some pain due to not following her directions in the interim. She'd get me back to pain-free and then get me back to the exercises and smart back activities. I haven't been back to see her in a few years (other than meet for coffee). Liz Scarpelli knows her physical therapy and I strongly encourage you to trust your care to her."
Apr 09, 2016


Prior to seeing Liz Scarpelli, I have seen two physical therapists and a chiropractor that didn’t help me (in fact I think they may have made the problem worse). Liz is a top notch specialist with years of experience who will not only help you get better, but will also give you tools to manage the issues you may have in the future.

This level of service and commitment is very hard to find and I recognize it when I see it. Chris is super warm and personable and put me at ease from day one. I appreciate his organization and planning ahead of our appointments and he seems very committed to the emotional and physical well-being of his clients. He’s also a very sweet person and fun to work with.

Liz Scarpelli is the most committed and talented physical therapist I have ever worked with. She literally gave me my life back. Dr. Robert Purchase, referred me to Liz Scarpelli. He called her “the Sherlock Holmes” of PT, and she was the specialist to whom he referred “his most difficult cases.” Liz more than lived up to the hype. She gave me a thorough assessment and came up with the true root cause of my ongoing pain. She has a warm and confident bedside manner, and she helped me through dealing with the physical pain and emotional distress that comes with living with a persistent injury. In six weeks Liz had taken me farther than anyone had in the previous six months. After two months of regular visits with Liz I was back to jogging and surfing–something the folks at Healthwell told me to kiss goodbye.

Thanks to Liz I am living a normal, pain-free life again.

I dislocated my shoulder while skiing this season (note to self – do not follow through on a ski jump if you feel off balance). Turns out in addition to dislocating my shoulder I fractured the shoulder, tore a tendon and tore my labrum. The orthopedist recommended I have physical therapy first before considering surgery. He recommended Liz Scarpelli as the person he would go to if he had a problem. She read through the MRI report and tested my arm with some exercises. After that she was able to tell me more about my injury and recovery process than my orthopedist. She’s now been working with me for 4 weeks to help build up strength in my shoulder and arm, and stretching out the joint to increase the range of motion. Everytime I see her she retests my arm and gives me new exercises. I appreciate that she herself is very active and sporty – skiing, windsurfing, biking, etc – it makes feel like she understands my lifestyle and what I want to be able to do – skiing, swimming, biking. She’s also very upfront about how long the recovery will be and what I can expect. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress under her instruction.

I met with Liz Scarpelli for a very sore neck pain that would not go away. Liz has over 30 years of experience dealing with pain of all sorts. Liz did a through intake of me and helped my discover why the pain was there! Liz did a very gentle therapy which felt like a lengthening massage. She suggested I adjust the seat in my car and also gave me a few take home exercises. I woke up the next day PAIN FREE! I highly recommend Liz for anyone with pain or injury.

Liz Scarpelli is the best Physical Therapist I have seen and my absolute most preferred healthcare practitioner. I have seen many PTs and trainers over the years, but Liz distinguishes herself in her deep knowledge of the human body and her vast abilities to connect that to each patient’s unique situation. She is insightful, straightforward and incredibly talented. I’ve seen Liz off and on over the last 18 years for lower back, neck, knee and shoulder issues. For every one of these injuries, she has figured out what’s going on – often better than my prescribing physician – and worked out a very specific treatment plan that WORKS. My friends and family – many of whom also see her – know I recommend Liz to everyone who needs the benefits of an outstanding PT. Beyond her skills, Liz is super smart, funny, interesting and extremely ethical. She is focused on improving the health outcomes of her patients and not trying to get another office visit. If you need a great Physical Therapist, you will be very glad Liz is the one treating you.